Trade Exhibition for Warehouse, Logistics, Transport

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Trade Exhibition for Warehouse Equipment,

Machines and Technologies in Logistics




on June 13 and 14, 2017
at Sofia City Logistic Park,
Warehouse 1
Sofia/Gorublyane, 22 Abagar St.


Goal: SHOW IN THE WAREHOUSE  is organised with the aim to gather in a in real working environment (a new warehouse) the companies offering all kinds of  warehousing equipment – racking systems, forklift and other trucks, barcode systems, cleaning machines, ramps and doors, pallets, batteries, warehouse management software, packaging machines, warehouse engineering providers, leasing services and others, in order to have them meet present and potential customers.

The exhibition provides the possibility for customers to test the machines in real warehousing environment in order to assess their qualities, as well as for demonstrations of the abilities of machines and other equipment under real working conditions. For this purpose, dedicated test zones are offered.

Attendees: from manufacturing, wholesale and retail, distribution companies, logistics companies, 3PL providers, forwarding and transport companies owning warehouses.

In the framework of SHOW IN THE WAREHOUSE 2017, the second edition of the national Forklift Skills Competion was held. The winners of the first day took part in the Linde Stapler Cup national competition on the second day.

The 2017 exhibition featured an additional event - MasterClass: Warehouse Management, a discussion with logistics experts who will share their experience.

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